Celebrating Our French Heritage at the Tricentennial

Franco Organizations Which Are Planning Tricentennial Projects

French Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan

The French Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan (FCHSM) was founded in 1980 as an educational, historical, cultural, and genealogical non-profit organization. It seeks to make people aware of the rich culture and history of French Canadians in North America, with special emphasis on those who explored and settled in Michigan.

Its aims are:

Three general membership meetings are held per year: a January business meeting (and induction of officers), a Spring (April or May) genealogy workshop, and a September social/pot luck. Regional chapter meetings are held as announced in the journal.

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Comité des Fêtes du Tricentenaire

This is an Essex County, Ontario committee formed to organize a Tricentennial celebration for the Windsor-Detroit region. It comprises representatives from all the significant French-language cutural and historical organizations in Southwestern Ontario and has made a great deal of progress since being formed in early 1996.

Meetings have been well attended by officers of participating organizations, interested visitors from affiliated groups, and members of the francophone community at large who have shown a great deal of enthusiasm and support for the project.

Progress to date ranges from preparation of a 26-page development plan for coordinating events to the presentation of a new symbol/logotype for the tricentennial.

Officers were nominated at a meeting on 8 June 1996:

Anyone desiring more information on the Comité des Fêtes du Tricentenaire, please contact:

Paul Chauvin
P.O. Box 183
Stoney Point, Ontario Canada N0R 1N0


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