The Floyd Sonnier Page

Beau Cajun Art Gallery
Scott, Louisiana

If you're ever in Cajun Country, be sure to stop and visit the Floyd Sonnier Gallery. These examples of his work were taken from the Twenty-First Edition (1998) of his popular Calendar Mes Acadiens (My Acadians).

nov.tif (386244 bytes)
Tee-Jules And His Friend

jan.tif (393622 bytes)

mar.tif (411214 bytes)
Monday Wash

jul.tif (383346 bytes)
The Romero Brothers

sep.tif (392538 bytes)
The Arrival Of Beausoleil

dec.tif (399744 bytes)
Papa Est Gone

Beau Cajun Art Gallery has a complete selection of art by Floyd Sonnier, plus many souvenir items like posters, greeting cards, limited-edition prints and gifts.

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